Thursday, October 15, 2009

The universe is shaped exactly like the earth

These are some photos from when I saw Modest Mouse in August. They were amazing! My favorite Modest Mouse songs are Dashboard, Tiny Cities Made of Ashes, 3rd Planet, and March On. How about you? Do you like Modest Mouse?

photo by Madeline

photo by Emilia


  1. I don't know much Modest Mouse but I love concerts, wich I could go to more of them! The second picture is awesome.

  2. I like the picture from your banner, did you take it?


  3. i'm really not that into modest mouse but concerts of any kind are fun so i'm sure it was fantastic:]

    hi again, i hope you remember me since we were penpals for a bit :)
    i have a new blog, so i thought i'd catch up with you again.

  4. ^_^ emma i feel so honored
    haha love it and that was an amazing concert. my favorite modest mouse songs right now are probably Little Motel and Gravity Rides Everything

  5. Hello! Thanks for the lovely comment.. Really like your blog. I haven't heard many songs by Modest Mouse, but from what I have heard they're pretty good. :) The pictures are lovely and again, great blog!